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  Mission Statement  

Baker County Schools




The Baker County School System will provide all students with a quality education, which will be tailored to the student's individual needs, while challenging them to perform to their maximum potentional in a positive and safe learning environment!



The Baker County School System envisions high expectations that will yield increased student achievement through rigor, relevance, and engagement by using a standards-based educational community (parents, students, faculty, staff, and business partners) that will unite to ensure success for everyone!














  About The School  


Baker County School has implemented Dual Enrollment into our school's curriculum. Students in 11th and 12th grade will now be able to graduate from Baker County School with a High School Diploma and a Technical Degree. 

New Courses

Our school now offers Chorus, Band, Spanish and Art.


Baker County School offers Basketball, Softball, Track/ Cross Country, Elementary Cheerleading, Middle School Cheerleading, and High School Cheerleading.