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Baker County K12 School Guidance Counselor


Baker County Guidance Department



Hello, and welcome to a new school year! My name is Sven Colbert and I am the guidance counselor at Baker County K-12 School. I want to take a few minutes to let you know a little about me and how I am here to help you and your child have a successful school experience. I have been in the education field ten years and prior to working in education; I have worked in a wide range of occupations outside of the education profession including military, corrections, and sales.




As the counselor at Baker County K-12 School, I will use a variety of tools and activities to work with all children. All students are informed before entering a counseling relationship of the nature and process of the relationship in the following ways:




·         Informed consent: Students agreeing to the terms and conditions of the counseling relationship. Must have parent consent or contact with small group sessions


·         Confidentiality and its limitations: As the counselor, I will uphold confidentiality of the information shared, unless the student becomes a danger to himself/herself or others or as a result of a subpoena from a court of law. I am also bound by law to report any mention of any criminal activity either committed by the student, or activity reported by the student about other students or adults, as well as any form of abuse to a child.


·         The rights and responsibilities of both counselor and students: Student directed goals, mutual respect, trust, attendance, etc.




If you or your child are ever in need of my help or support, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am in the guidance department; our number is (229) 734-5274.




Finally, please remember that you, the parents, are the biggest influence on your child’s success. Talk, listen, and interact with your child daily and keep an open line of communication with all of us at Baker County K-12 School.


Frequently Asked Questions:


· How can I get a fee waiver for the SAT/Act? Students who qualify for a free or reduced price lunch are eligible for a fee waiver.


· Where should I look for scholarships? Go to GAFutures website and look under Financial Aid Planning. Check with the financial aid office of any colleges you are considering. Conduct a national search at or


· How can I make a referral to the counselor? Parents, teachers, and students can initiate seeing the School Counselor for a variety of reasons. At school, teachers and students can refer in person or through a written request provided by the counselor. Parents can make referrals by calling, emailing, or writing a note to Mr. Colbert.






Sven Colbert, Ed.S


Guidance Counselor


Baker County K-12 School