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Baker County K12 School Guidance Counselor


Welcome to the Guidance Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Counselors’ Corner at Baker County K-12 School. My name is ____________ and I am your student's school guidance counselor. I received my bachelor's degree in English from Columbia College in Columbia, SC, and my master's degree in school counseling from Albany State University. Prior to becoming the counselor at Baker County K12 School I was employed with Albany State University. I enjoy working with children of all ages and look forward to helping your student achieve success on a personal, social and career level. My goal is to make sure that student's needs are met holistically, meaning I seek to aid in creating a well rounded student who takes full advantage of all educational opportunities offered at our school and goes on to a successful career in college, the armed forces, or the workforce after graduation.

As the school counselor for Elementary, Middle and High School students, I work with students, parents, and teachers in many ways through a program of many services. Each service is aimed at helping children learn and develop to their highest potential.  My main focus of the school counseling program at Baker County K12 School is helping our students find success in school by:

·         Counseling with students individually and in groups to understand and appreciate their unique qualities and grow personally and socially.

·         Helping develop positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peers, faculty and staff, and community.

·         Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success.

·         Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement.

·         Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as making healthy decisions, resolving conflicts, bullying, and respecting others.

I also assist students in planning for both the present and the future and helping students become self-directing and responsible citizens. I encourage parents to be active in the student’s planning process. I am available for consultation regarding:

·         Post High School Planning

·         High School Course Selection

·         Personal and Social Problems

·         College and Job Recommendations

·         Testing Information and Interpretations

Frequently Asked Questions:

·         How can I get a fee waiver for the SAT/Act? Students who qualify for a free or reduced price lunch are eligible for a fee waiver.

·         Where should I look for scholarships? Go to GAFutures website and look under Financial Aid Planning. Check with the financial aid office of any colleges you are considering. Conduct a national search at or Please also visits the links section of the Guidance page for information on different scholarship offerings. Local scholarships are placed outside the counselor’s office and handed out when received to the appropriate class.

·         How can I make a referral to the counselor? Parents, teachers, and students can initiate seeing the School Counselor for a variety of reasons. At school, teachers and students can refer in person or through a written request provided by the counselor. Parents can make referrals by calling, emailing, or writing a note to Mrs. Mumford.

In addition, I work as the RTI/SST (Response to Intervention) coordinator to work collaboratively with both teachers and parents to maximize student success. I look forward to helping students, families, and teachers have a successful school year.