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Media Center

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Welcome to Baker County School's Media Center!






Scheduling Policy


  • The hours of the media center are 7:30am – 3:30pm. 

  • There is a master schedule teachers can view in Google Drive. Teachers can schedule time slots for their classes by adding their class to the Google Drive document.  Only elementary classes are set up in rotations.

  • The media specialist is very flexible and willing to meet with classes and/or teachers at any time or date available.




Circulation Policy



  • Students are allowed to check out two books at a time.

  • Students must return or renew books within two weeks.

  • There is no charge for overdue books, however, students are strongly encouraged to return books on time. 

  • Students are charged market price for lost or damaged books. Notices are provided to students who need to compensate the library for materials. Students who do not pay fines will have their report cards withheld. Students are not allowed to check out additional books until their fines are paid.

  • If a student finds a lost book, the fines may be refunded if the book is still in good condition.

  • Students may come as a class or come two students at a time.  

  • The library has a notebook organized by class of student barcodes to expedite the check-out process.

  • The library does not have e-books yet, but offers e-books through Destiny Quest, an online database.

  • Reference materials can be accessed in the library only.

  • The library has two computers available to students for online research, Destiny catalogue searches, or Accelerated Reader (AR) tests.



  • Staff can check out as many books and materials as needed.

  • There is no return date for staff.

  • At the end of the year, staff must return all books and materials checked out. If books or materials are lost or damaged, staff are responsible for the fees.

  • Items available for checkout through library include books, projectors, laptops, A/V equipment, rolling carts, radios, and DVD players.



Ethics and Legal Principles


 The media specialist offers classes at the beginning of each school year to elementary, middle and high school students. 


  • Classes cover copyright laws, ethical use information and privacy laws. 

  • Students watch videos on appropriate use of online resources, and they are provided links to online resources. 

  • Classes demonstrate their knowledge of these concepts while conducting research in the media center throughout the school year.

  • Students who break ethical use policies are sent to administration for disciplinary action.