Edwards, Buddy Special Ed Director/Asst. Principal
Sheffield, Dianne BOE Financial Manager
Turner, Gerald Information Technology
Brooks, Roy Superintendent
Cox, Stephanie BOE Financial Assistant
Parker, Andrea Federal Program Manager

Ammenhauser, Naomi Parent Involvement/Mentor
Burns, Laura Spanish K-12
Collins, Louisa 2nd Grade
Crockett, Twila Paraprofessional
Davis, April 4th Grade
Davis, Katrina Special Ed Paraprofessional
Edwards, Buddy Special Ed Director/Asst. Principal
Etheridge, Blair Kindergarten
Etheridge, Jahnette Special Ed
Gardner, Shawana Language Arts/Reading
Haines, Dondrell ISSC Paraprofessional
Haire, Nancy Pre-K
Hall, Yolanda First Grade
Hall-Burnum, Dee Dee Special Ed
Harrell, Tammy Special Education
Kelson, Merietta Middle School Social Studies
Lofton, Lawana PE and Middle School Science
McCoy, Julia Special Ed Middle Grade
Miller, Christa High/Middle School Social Studies
Mujeebuddin, Mohamad Middle/High School Science
Parker, Tammy Paraprofessional
Potkovac, Jessica 3rd Grade
Shiver, Melanie 2nd Grade
Slaughter, Colleen Middle School Math
Taylor, Raylondra 5th Grade
Tensley, Collins Health and Physical Education
Widner, Martha Business Ed and Yearbook/CTAE
Williams, Lavonne Middle School Math

Ammenhauser, Naomi Parent Involvement/Mentor
Jewel, Celeste Speech
Ornelas, Gabe Website Master/Newsletter Editor
Pham, Rosa Migrant Support