Superintendent's Corner



2016 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI)


The Georgia Department of Education last week released CCRPI scores based on data from the 2015-16 school year. The state score for Georgia's elementary schools was 71.7 with a score of 71.5 for middle schools, 75.7 for high schools and an overall state score of 73.6.

          We are excited about our high school CCRPI score of 81.3, a score 5.6 above the state average of 75.7 for high schools. Our middle school score is 68.1, which is slightly below the state score of 71.5. We have developed a comprehensive Increased Achievement Action Plan to address student achievement focused on continuing to move our high school students upward, maintaining the steady progress in the middle school, and pulling up our elementary school score of 49.7, which is 22 points below the state average of 71.7. The overall score for Baker County is 62.1.

Our Increased Achievement Action Plan will hold all of our employees accountable for helping our students academically. We are also needing the help of our parents and guardians to emphasize to their children the importance of coming to school ready to learn and to behave so that teachers will be able to teach and students will be able to learn.

Additionally, we are calling on the community to support our students in mentoring and volunteering. If you would like to mentor a child or volunteer at the school in some way, please contact our Parent Mentor/Parent Involvement Coordinator, Mrs. Reed, at 229-734-5274, ext. 3020.


                                                          -Dr. Roy Brooks

                                                          Superintendent, Baker County School